#Interview Get into the shoot with Vivanco

Globally based fashion photographer as it says his twitter account @MarianoVivanco and his track record speaks for itself. He’s one the most renowned photographers right now. At age of sixteen  Mariano Vivanco was instantly hooked with photography when a friend of him bought a camera and he tried it and knew that was his thing.

-Not everybody knows that you’re Peruvian. It’s great that a Latin American is representing us on the photography scene.-

Mariano: -Yes, thank you!!!  There is a huge amount of talent there and I feel proud to be South American!-

Vivanco has worked for many magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Elle, Wonderland, Details, and more. Not shooting just editorials, portraits and ads. Now there’s a new side. Mariano also began to explore the medium of film.

  • You’ve photographed Emma Watson, Karolina Kurkova, James Franco and David Gandy (just mentioning a few).  How it feels to work with so many celebrities?

Mariano:-They know we are all there to do a job (and have fun) and we just get on with it.  They appreciate the fact I work quick with them and they respond well to that.-

Lady Gaga for I-D magazine, Daniel Radcliffe for Bullet magazine and Gerard Pique ads Mango Mens F/W 2012.

  • Recently you worked  with Candice Swanepoel, nude figure is your preferred style. What is she like and how was it to shoot her?

Mariano:-What can I say… She is one of the few new supermodels around.  Working with her is a dream, I love her.  She gives me all her energy and enthusiasm when we work together.-

  • Freshness, sexuality, lust are in your shots. I guess that’s the X factor that catch Dolce & Gabbana attention. Right? Tell me how is that experience?

Mariano:-They are fast and furious when we shoot (they still come to the shoots that I do for them).  Outside work they are intelligent, wise, humble, fun, funny (Stefano).   I love them.-


2 comentarios en “#Interview Get into the shoot with Vivanco

  1. Me encantó esta breve pero divertida entrevista. Disfruté mucho del “5 things you didn’t know about”.. Sigue con tan geniales iniciativas. Bisous.


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