Mat Gordon – The Million Model #Interview

matt coverBuilding a modeling career can take years and not everyone succeeds. This “million model” hit the runways in 2004, New York received him in 2007, and he signed his first contract with Gucci that year. His real name is Matt with two T’s, having signed with FM Agency London and removing the second T because it was considered more fashionable by the industry. Born in 1983 and never imaging he would model, he was discovered by an agent at a party.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most influential models of the moment. Welcome to Mat Gordon.

  • Think that the agent hasn’t discovered you at the party, what would you be doing now?

tumblr_lm4ahr8cuZ1qea3yro1_1280Mat:-I would like to think I would be getting into organic local farming, I grew up on a farm, and am starting to feel that life calling to me again.  The values, work ethic and health benefits of being a farmer very much appeal to me ;)-

  • Jessica Stam and Coco Rocha are huge names in model industry. Canada is giving global stars. When did you know you made it, and how does it feel to be the second male supermodel in the world?

Mat:-Lol, Those two girls are two of my favorite models! Both very beautiful inside and out.  I am proud to represent Canada with them.  But I’m not sure I deserve this supermodel title, and to be honest I don’t really feel like I’ve made it.  But if you mean that I have enjoyed top successes within this industry, it does feel designers and artists to help bring a creative vision to life..  however I am careful I don’t put too much emphasis on rankings and titles as it inflates one’s ego and distorts perspective.-


  • You did appear in Numéro Homme along Claudia Schiffer. Tell us, how is work with the Kaiser (Karl Lagerfeld)?

Mat:-I was so freaking nervous!  These were two Icons who to me seemed larger than life, I turned into a shy boy, full of awe and respect!   But they were also two of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve met so far. Legendary examples of celebrity. Fabulous and glamorous but hard working and humble. I spoke with Claudia a lot about the magic of farm life as she also has a farm.  I would love to revisit this shoot with the same characters now that I am older and more confident in who I am.-

  • Lanvin, Escada, Roberto Cavalli to Bottega Veneta, working with so many designers you may have a favorite one, right?

Mat:-I think I would have to go with Frida Giannini of Gucci.  She is such an example of who I aspire to be.  An artistic creative and expressive unafraid to change the mold, strong but without losing her sensitivity, with a business mind to ground her.  And I just love her work.  And I love her team.-


  • Mat has met his Lady Million?

Mat:-Haha Well I think I’ve met a million wonderful Ladies!-

  • Away from the runway and shootings. How is your day off from it? What would be your perfect plan? Some particular interests? 

tumblr_lmk51nMG0D1qg22hlo1_1280Mat:-Right now I am working on opening my first bar with my best friend in Brooklyn, NY.  It is a sort of heart-project we both dreamed up and it has been amazing to bring it to a reality.  I love design, architecture and art, as well as music, dance bringing people together, creating a warm atmosphere where people can connect and unwind.  It is a perfect outlet of balance.  And hard work, which allows for growth.  It has been one of the most challenging experiences so far.  This past year was a difficult one for me!  But I made it through and have learned so much.  I have finally found tranquility and calmness in my life.  We underestimate the value of moderation and balance.  My days have become routine which I never thought I would like but are so rewarding.  I get up at 6:30, read and meditate.  Then I go to Yoga which is my soul saving sport.  After I work and have a few meetings, meet a few friends, brainstorm ideas and often I’ll write.  Once in a while I’ll throw in some random unplanned trip somewhere to maintain spontaneity.  Even a regimented routine should be moderate or you lose interest.-

  • What’s your next step?

Mat:-I am very interested in naturopathic healing, Sustainable farming, Volunteering and doing more charity work.  Perhaps in a less fortunate country or within my community.  I think when you have been so blessed there is a great responsibility to give back.  I also have a lot of ideas for directing my own photo-shoots as I think now its my turn to express myself and quite a lot to say!-mattie1


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